Technical Consultancy

We support our clients in developing their electrical wirings, proposing alternative solutions to enhance product effectiveness and efficiency.


We structure our production flow to achieve the highest quality results, utilizing cutting-edge components, equipment, and properly trained personnel.


We validate our wirings through precise dimensional checks and strict electrical and electronic tests, meeting both client and internal specifications.


We prepare our wiring for shipment, selecting packaging suitable for proper handling and entrusting them to a well-established network of carriers.

After-Sales Support

We promptly respond to our clients' needs, aiming to provide maximum support to ensure their operational continuity.

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Quality Excellence

Choosing Intercon for industrial wirings means relying on a company with extensive experience, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art processes, ensuring reliable and durable performance.

Expertise and Personalized Consultancy

Our highly qualified team offers in-depth technical consultancy and tailored solutions, working closely with clients to maximize project efficiency and optimization.

360-Degree Support and After-Sales Assistance

Intercon provides a comprehensive service, from initial consultancy to logistics and timely delivery. Additionally, we offer complete after-sales support to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and lasting relationships.

Specialized Vehicles

Our clients' mission involves operating in challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions. We are dedicated to producing reliable, high-quality wiring through constant technological growth and a three-decade partnership with a global industry leader.


This sector demands only reliable, high-quality, and innovative components, making wiring a strategic element. Over the years, we've developed technical expertise and integrated new technologies to provide top-notch wiring adhering to the industry's strictest standards.


This is Intercon's newest sector, where our wiring plays a role in signal and power transmission. We develop and produce customer-specific wiring, employing advanced technologies with an innovation-oriented approach.

Agricultural Machinery

These wirings are crucial for machines often operating in challenging terrains. We design and manufacture our wirings with care, using high-quality components to ensure safe and reliable products for our clients.


We meticulously attend to every aspect of the production cycle, integrating our passion and professionalism with cutting-edge industry technologies to design, build, and validate our wirings.


We focus on reliability and seamless integration into our clients' systems, producing wirings that best suit their needs.


Acknowledging the importance of continuous training for our technicians and operators, we actively seek new technologies and tools to enhance our product quality.


We value long-term collaborations and honest relationships with our clients and suppliers, just as we did 40 years ago.

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